Wednesday, February 3, 2010

french doors

In amongst some of the worlds most famous vineyards lies the medieval town of Beaune. Protected by a thick stone wall, surrounded by a moat and built like a maze with cobblestone streets and winding roads, it remains one of my most precious and sacred places to visit.
I recently had the pleasure of returning to stay with a dear friend at her charming Boutique Hotel, Le Home.
Mathilde et Flo, je t'adore. Bisous.

La Centre Ville is filled with history and stunning architecture which I have admired time and time again. Being born and raised in the young city of Toronto, one can hardly imagine a place so rich and full of centuries gone by. On this particular visit, I was drawn to the splattering of colour on the doorways. Even on a dreary day in November, each entrance looked alive and inviting despite the years of wear and tear.

Why don't we use more of these colours?

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  1. Nous aussi on t'adore!!!
    Kisses... Hope to see you soon.
    Mat, Flo, kids and Escobar.