Friday, February 19, 2010

white on white

To some, white is white. To me, it ranges anywhere from pink to yellow, green to blue and everything in between.

Cloud White, well known to many as CC-40 and/or OC-130 is the most commonly used white among consumers, designers and contractors. It has proven to be a bone fide hit since it was first introduced back in the late 70's. The reason being, it is clean and soft with a warm tint. It holds it's neutral tone well when paired with any and every colour. In my opinion, this should be the new "decorator's white". It is the perfect white of whites whether it be used on a wall, ceiling, cabinetry or trim.

In choosing colours for a historic farm house, I wanted to keep within tradition but also add a freshness. Typically, in an older home, I would recommend an ivory trim however, given my pastel palette, I need a clean contrast. I have decided to use Benjamin Moore Cloud White for trim throughout the house for consistency.

The colour chip in the book reads as a warm white, as it should. The chip from the paint shop didn't match. It was a grey white. Quite different from what I had expected. With this inconsistency, I decided to purchase a sample and test it. The sample was again, a grey white!

Out of all the colours in the book, why do they mess with this one?! The one with the fanatical following.

After inquiring at my local paint shop, it turns out that each finish has a different formula. The formula is also adjusted depending on the grade of paint that you choose, therefore compromising the colour.

I am told that for a Moore Style mid grade paint in semi gloss, the original formula is: OY2 - GY8 - OG1/4

*Tested and True: Sico A8 - X3 - Y2 Kitchen & Bath for eggshell, Luster for trim.

At the end of the day, just make sure you get what you want and like what you see. Good luck!

Photos courtesy of Atlanta Bartlett

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