Thursday, March 11, 2010

hindsight reno woes

Just over two years ago, we lived through an amazing attic renovation.  I loved every minute of it and would do it again in a heart beat!  With the top quality help from Eurodale, we took a raw, A-frame space and transformed it into our "master's quarters".  We manage to squeeze in a bedroom with double-sided built-in storage, a hallway closet, a 3 piece bathroom with a large shower and a beautiful sun-filled den with french doors that open to a juliet balcony, or at least that was the plan!

The project, like any construction or renovation, was filled with highs and lows.  The budget crept higher as the days passed and my problem solving skills were put to the ultimate test.

I was excited with the process on a daily basis and was constantly busy sourcing, researching, selecting and making decisions.  My ultimate goal was to not compromise the integrity of the original home, built in 1897.  I wanted the new space to blend as seamlessly as possible.

It was a fantastic learning curve.  If only I had the wealth of experience that I now have under my belt.  "Do it once and do it right" is the advice I would have given to myself prior and during the reno.  It is pointless to be well over budget and slightly underwhelmed at the end of it all.  

At the time, we were pushed so far beyond our comfort zone that we skimped on proper exterior doors.  We made do with a pair of antique interior bevelled glass doors that were highly energy UNefficient and barely got us through the winter!  One bad decision lead to another.  The juliet balcony remained uninstalled and therefor the permit could not be closed!  Two years, plenty of research and expense later, custom fit doors were ordered and installed.

The doors are top quality, solid wood, simulated divided light, thermo pane glass.  They cost a pretty penny but are well worth it.  Ordered through Ridley Windows & Doors, the 4-6 week delivery time from Norwood turned into 4 months.  When they finally arrived, they were mistakably unpainted and the hardware was incorrect!  The juliet balcony, despite it's feminine beauty was a bad fit and a remote welder had to be called to the site for a quick and costly adjustment.

In hindsight, these doors should have been ordered and installed during the time of renovation.  We could have saved ourselves from the agony and energy spent, not to mention a couple thousand dollars!  A first time reno regret and a lesson that I will never forget!

Regardless, I am thrilled! I love that I can open up the doors, take in the fresh air and the beautiful balcony will save me from the feeling of an uncontrollable 2.5 storey high spill into my own backyard!

I am in the process of painting the doors myself due to lack of patience as I eagerly wait for the proper hardware to arrive.

to be continued...

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  1. Hi,
    Just stumbled across your blog because I was walking past Hawk Eyes and loved the floor lamp you have in the window. I came home to see where it might fit it! Interesting post about your attic renovation. We are also considering doing that in the future. Maybe, I'll be in soon for the lamp.