Friday, July 30, 2010


Today I received a copy of Edifice Old Home Magazine in the mail.  I don't recall signing up and I certainly don't have a subscription but I sure lucked out!

At a time when most editorial publications are down sizing or switching to an online format, it is great to see a Canadian specialty magazine sticking to print. The Brantford based editorial is the only magazine in Canada that is dedicated to old house enthusiasts, like me!

As we know, there are considerable challenges and trade offs when choosing to live in an older home.  If you're likely to favour original aging charm over a dry basement or historic integrity over non-energy efficient windows, then we're on the same page. Knob & tube doesn't scare me!

Below is one of my favourite Canadian historical homes found to date.  Built in the late 1800's by Peter Heuser, it is a superb example of architecture and design with attention to detail, charm and character, interest and intrigue, quality craftsmanship and on going fine restoration.

The idea of living in a new build makes me feel claustrophobic and shallow.  However, the responsibility and cost that goes into keeping a historic home in good shape can be overwhelming, not to mention the challenge of finding quality craftsman to do the work!

Edifice has introduced me to a world of local resources and specialty trades people, some of which I knew but many are a welcome source of hope and relief!

This issue features:
A Grand Victorian in Niagara-On-the-lake, including it's architectural details,
A brief history on The Eastlake movement (1836-1906),
Antique & Architectural Salvage Resources,
How to Choose a Traditional Floor,
Old Home Closet Solutions,
Hands-On Workshops,
Column Repair

In addition to print they have an informative website with a great layout and one specific feature that I adore!  I have high hopes for MLS to one day include a "build circa" on the search criteria but until then,  Edifice Old Home Magazine lists Historic Homes for Sale in Canada.  Amazing!

Thank you Edifice.

Subscribe today and let's keep the old world living strong.

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