Thursday, August 19, 2010

field of dreams

What was once a beautiful pumpkin patch is now a daunting load of strong, healthy weeds!  With some love and gusto, I have high hopes of turning this into a sweet smelling lavender field, one section at a time...
After some heavy research and helpful tips from Prince Edward County Lavendar,  I decided to go with 'Hidcote Blue'.  This particular English strain of 'Lavadula Angustifolia' is cold hardy, zone 5 and thrives in full sun with good drainage. 
It has fragrant grey-green foliage and bears stalks of purple flowers perfect for sachets, herb gardens  and borders.  It also has fantastic culinary uses as well as medicinal.
Typically, lavender should be planted no later than July so I'm pushing it with my mid-August sow but banking on an extended hot summer!  Keep your fingers crossed.
The ultimate goal.

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  1. You grow girl! I've always wanted to say that since reading the book.
    This is going to be so amazing. The one pic of the sweet little rows reminded me of Sun's garden on LOST.