Saturday, January 8, 2011

reworking the triangle

Kitchens aren't just for cooking anymore.  They are the heart of the home, the hub for congregation and one of the highest returns on investment from a resale perspective.

My motto when renovating: Do it once and do it right so it will last the test of time.

Not only must the working triangle (sink, oven and fridge) function for the chef but there must be room for the sous, guest or observer and the overall aesthetic should be in keeping with the rest of the house.

In this case, it was important to reinstate some of the traditional features of a historic farmhouse and remove what should have never been installed in the first place. Starting with a a fresh coat of paint.

The dangerously placed induction stove with no venting option was removed and relocated from the island and replaced with a custom Elmira Cookstove with modern technology, true convection and carbon filter venting.

The standard stainless steel sink was relocated and replaced with an Herbeau "Luberon" Fireclay Apron Front Sink, typical of a farmhouse.  The sink was unconventionally installed, flush mount with the counter for a continuous lip and cleaner line. It was adorned with a Perrin&Rowe "Provence" Nickel Bridge Faucet.  We also added a retractable garbage bin that is neatly tucked away under the sink.

Three sections of 1.75" thick, solid, Sugar Maple Butcher Block counters were custom made and fixed into floating position.  The blue grey laminate was removed and will hopefully be reused.  The island was extended for seating capabilities and braced with detailed supporting brackets.

The backsplash wallpaper was removed and a simple, white, clay tile was installed and lit up by undermount, energy efficient, cabinet lighting.

All cabinets were modified to fit the new fixtures.  The microwave was removed and new doors were added to hide the sliding toaster tray and bread box.

It was a very rewarding design project and I am thrilled with the outcome.  With the finest level of craftsmanship, top quality fixtures and some simple alterations, we were able to gain better functionality within the space, bring back some of the missing period charm and add that feeling of fresh, clean country days.

Thank you to my team of fellow Hawk Eyes.

Dave at Aspen Grove for bringing my vision to life with his calm and meticulous eye for detail and attention.
Kevin at Kev's Custom Painting for adding the finishing touches.
Tony at Taps&Tubs for meeting our supply and demand